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  • Can Sany Deutz engines replace Weichai Cummins Engine?

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    In June 2019, Germany’s Deutz Engine will set up a 51 percent joint venture with Chinese construction machinery giant Sany Heavy Industry. The new company will take over production of Sany’s engine series. Dowitz said the new company aims to supply Sany with about 75,000 new engines that meet national Vi standards by 2022.

    Deutz engine has been well known in construction machinery and agricultural equipment in China for so many years. The reason why Deutz chose to cooperate with SANY Heavy Industry this time is that the sales data of excavators by Sany Heavy Industry is only one. In the first quarter of 2019, 75,000 excavators were sold. In addition, the sany heavy truck has sold a total of 12,000 units in a year, which may also be a big cake for Deutz engine.

    Sany heavy industry has not its own engine for so many years, in construction machinery industry for the vast majority of the chassis are external procurement, so has its own engine has not been very urgent, just after trinity heavy card market, due to the heavy card is a big market, one million sets of Sany heavy card mainly with Weichai with Cummins engine, while relying on the two mature brand engine blessings, through online sold for Sany heavy card sales booming.

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