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EMAC International Group Introduction VideoOriginating from EMAC International Trade Co., EMAC International Group was established in 2010 and is located in Shenzhen. EMAC International Group concentrates on providing power driven system solutions as well as complete equipment for transportation, industrial, maritime and energy application fields.PumpMac is one of the sub-brands of EMAC, focusing on all types of water pump applications, supplying power-driven engine, water pump, intelligent water pump control system etc. As one of the world’s most famous power brands, Deutz Diesel engine will be rooted in China with its pure German origin and world-class product strength…. More

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Deutz Air Cooled pump engine series

The B/FL912/913/914 of diesel engines absorb and utilize the advanced technology and performance of the 912/913 air cooling machine from Deutz, and have the characteristics of small volume, good economy, long service life, high reliability and strong adaptability.And can be widely used in agriculture, construction, engineering, mining, generating units and other fields.Deutz China Air Cooled engine: FL912 | FL913 | FL914 | B/FL413B/FL513

Deutz Water Cooled pump engine series

Deutz series water-cooled pump engine can achieve low noise, high power, high torque, light weight, high reliability, long life, and meet the needs of different users.At the same time, the Deutz water-cooled pump series engine has a good heat dissipation effect and can operate for a long time with uniform cooling, which will facilitate the control of cab temperature.Deutz China Water Cooled engine: BFM2012 | BFM1013 | BFM3 | TCD2015 | BFM1015 | HC132 

Deutz German Air Cooled pump engine series

Deutz German original Air Cooled engine series features simple structure, small body size, easy maintenance, low failure rate and faster startup.Not only strong environmental adaptability, cold and hot environment and various dry working conditions, but also small cylinder wear, longer service life.Deutz German original Air Cooled engine: FL914

Deutz German Water Cooled pump engine series

Deutz original water-cooled pump engine has incomparable advantages over similar products: compact structure, large power, low fuel consumption, long service life, strong economy, high reliability, high seriation and strong environmental adaptability.Deutz engine can be widely used in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, generator sets and ships.Deutz German Water Cooled pump engine: BFM2012 | BFM1013 | BFM1015

MWM Engines 

Henan Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. introduced German DEUTZ Mannheim (MWM) diesel engine license technology, and produced TBD234V6, V8, V12 series diesel engines, TBD604BL6 diesel engines and TBD620V8, V12, V16 series diesel engines.Factory products are widely used in ships, construction machinery, vehicles, mines, oil and gas fields, railways and other fields.MWM Engine includes: TBD234 | TBD604 | TBD620 | CHD314

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