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    Transparency Market Research (TMR) pointed out in the latest research that the global pump market is highly integrated. In order to maintain their market position, major companies have strengthened their M&A activities while continuously developing new technologies, and the global pump market integration has been further improved.

    However, pump companies have also seen that, given the non-organic growth of the business, the market has shown a certain degree of stagnation. In the past few years, the level of competition has been low, which has become the main incentive for small enterprises and new enterprises to enter this market.
    According to the TMR report, the global pump market will move forward with a 4.9% CAGR (composite annual growth rate) from 2017 to 2025, from $43.599 billion in 2016 to $66.852 billion in 2025.
    This growth is attributable to the continued increase in the number of water treatment, wastewater recycling and treatment plants worldwide, especially in emerging economies.
    The increasing industrialization of India and China, coupled with the growing demand for clean water, has driven the application of water treatment technologies, which in turn has increased the demand for pumps. In addition, in the home, the pump can also be used in different occasions such as gardening facilities and water coolers.
    The boom in agriculture and construction continues to drive demand for high-efficiency pumps. In addition, the efficiency of pumping liquids at one time is an important factor in stimulating the use of pumps throughout the industry and construction sites. In recent years, the application of pumps in this field has grown substantially, and it is expected to be the same in the next few years. These have all contributed positively to the growth of the global pump market.
    The emergence of various platforms that can be used to promote market growth
    The booming e-commerce industry offers better opportunities through a large number of offerings to consumers and manufacturers. These online portals are expanding the availability of pumps to promote products to cater to customers around the world. The increase in promotional activities through online sales channels is expected to provide the most favorable opportunities for major players in the global pump market in the coming years.
    Several governments have also introduced more programs, especially in emerging economies, which have provided extensive support to the pharmaceutical industry, which has positively affected the sales of pumps worldwide. In addition, China’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” and India’s “Ganghe Revitalization” plan are expected to provide additional traction for the global pump growth in the next few years.
    Asia Pacific dominated during the reporting period
    From a regional perspective, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to remain dominant during the reporting period, gaining a major market share in global pumps, as infrastructure construction in several countries including India, China and Indonesia continues to improve. In addition, the compound annual growth rate of the region is expected to be 5.8% during the reporting period. North America, as a mature pump market, is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% during the reporting period. Asia Pacific dominated during the reporting period.

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