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  • What to do before starting a large diesel pump

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    1 Check whether the import and export method of large diesel water pump is intact, whether there is any operation blockage, and there is no leakage of large diesel water pump and accessory pipeline.

    2 Large diesel water pump should close the outlet method (except self-priming pump) when starting. If the load is not full, the rotating torque will be too large. The large diesel water pump may have damage, and the motor is also easy to burn due to excessive current.

    3 Open the large diesel water pump inlet door, open the exhaust valve to fill the entire pump chamber, and then close the exhaust valve.

    4 For mechanically sealed pumps, apply the handwheel to the water pump rotor to allow the lubricant to enter the mechanical seal end face. Avoid damage to the machine seal caused by mechanical seal dry grinding at start-up.

    5 Determine the steering of the large diesel pump: Jog the motor to determine if the steering is correct. Usually the motor is a three-phase four-wire system. If it is reversed, reverse any two of these wires, and the motor will form a forward rotation.

    6 Manual large diesel water pump: The rotor parts should be flexible, without jamming and friction.

    7 The hot water pump and the hot oil pump must be warmed before starting. The preheating speed must not exceed 50 degrees per hour and the vehicle is 180 degrees.

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