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  • Comparison of Deutz Air and Water Cooled Engine

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    1. Deutz water cooled diesel engines are widely used in construction machinery and automobiles due to their better and uniform cooling and greater potential for enhancement than air coolers. Under the same conditions, the average effective pressure PE of water-cooled engine is 5% – 10% higher than that of Dair-cooled engine. The engine is mainly limited by the hot load and the cylinder head. Because the heat transfer coefficient from metal to air is much smaller than that from metal to water.

    2. Due to the limitation of heating load, there are no large bore and high-power Deutz air cooled engines.

    3. The basic advantage of Deutz air cooled engine is that it does not need water. The cooling system is simple in structure, and there is no water leakage, freezing, boiling and other faults. It has high reliability and easy to use. In addition, the air cooled engine has better thermal condition under partial load and will not be supercooled.

    4. The warm-up time of Deutz air-cooled engine is short. After air cooled engine start, the main parts of the engine can rise to normal working temperature in a short time, and the engine can bear full load in a short time. This is particularly important for low-temperature areas and emergency power plants.

    5. Deutz air cooled diesel engine has low sensitivity to combustion (fuel sulfur content) and low cylinder wear.

    6. The Deutz air cooled engine has strong adaptability, cold and hot environment and various harsh working conditions, water shortage and desert areas, so it can be used as military vehicle power.

    7. The overall size of the Deutz air cooled engine is smaller than that of the water cooled engine. Because there is no water tank and radiator, there is no problem for installing the air cooled engine.

    8. Deutz water cooled diesel engine cab heating is better than air cooled engine, and air cooled engine has higher requirements on cab insulation.

    9.Because the heat load of Deutz air cooled engine is higher than that of water cooled engine, the material selection of air cooled engine parts is better than that of water cooled engine, which makes the price of air cooled engine with the same power higher than that of water cooled engine.

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